Saturday, November 12, 2011


A few months back I was thinking about how much I've learned about knitting but I still haven't made a garment.  I have stuck to accessories, and my most recent obsession passion has been socks - and has been for the past year.  I have not really branched out since I learned how to keep my toes toasty and comfy in hand-knit wool socks.  Then BAM...I stumble across a knitter's blog that mentions a new KAL (knit-along) for newbies.  I'm not really a  knitting "newbie" per se (but I am when it comes to sweaters) but I thought this is what I needed to break the ice on garment knitting.
With very little knitting time invested, I am now over halfway complete and should be done with the body by tomorrow.  

Tonight, Bubba took a picture of my progress --------------->

The top is a bit big (and is poofing out a little, making my chest look HUGE) and I had to do more decreases than called for in the body.  Hopefully the top will tighten up a bit when I add in the sleeves and close up the gap under the arms.  But, overall, I am pleased that I have at least gotten this far.

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Michelle said...

Awesome. I think it looks amazing and wish I could knit something that cool. I can knit a dishcloth, but in any color you want! Great job!