Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways....

1.  You make me feel safe when I'm with you
2.  You are bright and shiny, like a new penny
3.  You are technologically advanced and fun to play with
4.  You are comfy
5.  You are easy to handle, even in tough conditions
6.  You are strong and rugged
7.  You are dependable
8.  You have great features
9.  You turn heads when we go places
10. You are well built and FORD tough

Although these things describe my Bubba, who I LOVE with all my heart, I'm actually talking about this:

 Our brand-spankin' new 2010 FORD F-150

Our poor old truck had enough and we had to let her go.  With no warranty and looking at a buch of $$$ in engine repairs that we couldn't do ourselves, we decided to trade her in for a new model while we still had good equity.  It was a cold and snowy night - much too cold to be walking around the car lot trying to find THE truck, so we drove off the lot with a demo truck and had it for a couple of days before taking it back, knowing that it wasn't the truck for us.  After a lot of looking, our salesman finally found the truck we wanted - or at least the closest thing to it.  We still had to pay for a chrome package that we didn't want, but we got a couple extras that we weren't expecting, so it made up for all that chrome.  Oh, and it's RED!  Happy Valentines Day!!