Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perfect Weekend

Friday, the official start of my weekend, started off with a bang... 

So, as you all know, Bubba graduated in February.  A LOT has been going on between then and now...including Part III boards and waiting for those results, getting licensed in Colorado, road trips to Denver for job searching, finishing the house, trip to Vietnam...we've been a little busy. 

As for the job search,  Bubba looked at associate positions, indepenent contractorships, buying an existing practice, opening our own practice from scratch.  There are so many options and we were just not having luck finding the right fit.  The opportunities that did seem good ended up falling apart, then the search would begin all over again.  There seemed to be a great big wall keeping us out of Colorado.  Yeah, we could have just moved to Denver and he could have made it work at some random clinic, but we both had that feeling that there was a great opportunity out there waiting for us. 

So, Bubba did what any frustrated recent grad would do...put out an ad.  He typed up an eye-catching ad for a position wanted on a huge Chiropractic web page and the phone lit up.  He had offers all over the country...but none from Colorado.  We didn't want to move to North Carolina (okay - this I would agree to), Nebraska, Conneticut, Florida, Ohio, Washington...just to name a few.  But one call struck a chord with Bubba and he decided to interview...that was a month ago.  We have been waiting ever since.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work at, then purchase, a high income clinic with state of the art equipment.  This is Bubba's dream clinic, so needless to say the waiting has been killing us!!  

Friday...we got the call...Bubba got the job!!    So, we are no longer moving to the Denver metropolitan area.  Where are we moving, you ask? 

Yep...Missoula Montana.  It may not be Colorado, but we will still have snow, we will still have mountains, and we will still have a bit of a drive to see family.  We will NOT have all of the conveniences of a metropolitan area (I don't think they even have an asian market), but it is an awesome college town and it has a Costco! 

So, Friday we celebrated @ the Outback Steakhouse  with steak and lobster and finished it off with some Chocolate Thunder...mmm. 

Saturday we recycled, donated, and laundered...then I finished the evening knitting my blankie while Bubba finally got to enjoy his new Call of Duty Black Ops game. 

This afternoon, the Cowboys won again (although we couldn't watch it - it's not in our region), Bubba made his famous and very tasty Potato Soup, and I get to play with yarn. 

Finally...a perfect weekend!  Who could ask for more?


Linda said...

So good to hear it's all worked for the best. Waiting is hard but it sounds like this is the perfect match! And a Costco--yes!

Janessa said...

Yay! I've been so anxious to hear how it all worked out for you. I'm so glad everything is coming together so well. I'm only sad that you didn't end up with a dream job offer in Texas. Our door is always open for visitors though:) Good luck with everything you will have going on in the very near future!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear Bubba got a job. That is great!!!